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Boxful Fulfillment API Automation to Streamline Your E-commerce Workflow

Boxful Fulfillment is where you can smooth the e-commerce logistics operations by leveraging the capabilities through our API.

One API for mastering orders,

fulfillment & logistics

Order Placement
Customers placed orders on your online store
Order Auto-Sync
Orders are automatically imported to Boxful Order Management System
Last-Mile Fulfillment
We will arrange shipments according to your customers' choices of last-mile logistics
Goods Delivered To Customers
Our in-house logistics team or logistics partners will deliver your products to customers' doorsteps, smart lockers or convenient stores

Why Boxful Fulfillment

Orders Fufilled
Order Accuracy Rate
Saving Storage Cost
Warehouse Efficiency
Global Warehouses

The Importance of Integration

Efficient fulfillment brings higher revenue
Easy to Integrate
We will guide you along the way with comprehensive guides and documentations.
Seamless Fulfillment
API integration streamlines your fulfillment flow while manual work such as selecting shipment carriers is avoided.
Broad Logistic Network
Logistics partners from our global fulfillment network bring your goods to your local or overseas customers' doorfronts efficiently.
All-in-one Dashboard
Orders, inventory, shipments status and more are synced to Boxful Order Management System (OMS), manage your entire business on one platform.

Global E-commerce

Fulfillment Network

Leverage our worldwide last-mile logistics partners &
platforms to create seamless experience

Boxful Fulfillment

API Integrated Order Management System (OMS)
Automates Your Fulfillment Needs
Automatic Orders Synchronisation
Orders are automatically imported with e-commerce platforms direct API integrations
such as Shopify.
Real Time Logistics Tracking
API integrated with logistics partners allows merchants to track shipments from diferent carriers in real time just on one platform.
Manage Sales Across Channels
Inventory syncs allows you to monitor sales performance, inventory and manage orders across sales channels including HKTVmall, Amazon and more.