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[Startup Essentials] Boxful Fulfillment X Choco Up Special Offer


Fundraising can be brutal when you have approached the wrong path and spent too much time and effort on it. Choco Up provides startups and SMEs with non-dilutive funding and supports them to thrive.

Financing Alternatives

Bank loans, selling business assets or inventory financing are the main financing methods. Unlike bank loans which require an impressive credit history and the repayment amount is always set, or selling business assets which means losing control of parts of your business, inventory financing is simpler to apply and the fund is withdrawable when needed.

However, inventory financing comes with certain loan covenants that might be a constraint to your business decisions, also shorter loan terms means higher repayments and interest rate. In other words, the revenue is going to the repayment before it comes to your pocket.


Revenue Based Financing (RBF)

Plentiful companies have been backed by Choco Up, Asia’s leading revenue based financing platform since 2018, including Hong Kong based companies clean vehicle solutions Cleva and tech-enabled sourcing platform BuyHive. Choco Up has successfully introduced a mind blowing funding alternative, other than the traditional ones.

Choco Up only requires basic proof such as company operating history, and the repayment amount is only based on the percentage of your revenues, which means you can pay less when your business is not performing at its best. With less stringent terms, Choco Up’s non-dilutive RBF method is likely to be an alternative for startups and SMEs.


Boxful Fulfillment Partners With Choco Up

With the similar experience of running a startup, Boxful understands the needs of SMEs. Get instant solutions for time consuming pick & pack, logistics arrangement and data uploading for less than $800 a month, let Boxful Fulfillment streamline your business.

Get Exclusive Offer


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