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One-Stop Storage, Logistics and Delivery Solutions Tailored for HKTVmall Merchants

Boxful Fulfillment cloud-based inventory management system offers bespoke, one-stop storage, packaging and shipping services, streamlining shipments, storage and transportation, takes any kind of E-commerce Online Business to the next level.
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E-commerce Fulfillment Solutions for Online Business

Challenge#1 for HKTVmall's Merchants
Complicated Transportation Process and Inefficient Delivery
Goods delivered through HKTVmall often require merchants to arrange logistics and delivery to transit warehouses themselves, even on Sundays and public holidays if needed. Merchants might also need to outsource third-party transportation companies to deliver larger furniture items, electrical appliances and other goods, which can take up to 4-7 business days to process.
Boxful's One-Stop Inventory Logistics Solution
Boxful owns its own warehouse complete with a cloud inventory management system, providing one-stop inventory and inbound/outbound logistics services all at once. Our OMS system is user-friendly and easy to operate, allowing you to schedule shipments anytime, anywhere. Deliveries on Sundays, public holidays or Same-Day deliveries have never been so easy.
Challenge#2 for HKTVmall's Merchants
High Storage Costs
Insufficient storage space causes inefficient delivery and higher labour costs from manual sorting, picking and packaging. These processes cause human resources, time and operating costs to escalate intensely.
Included Value-Added Services
Boxful's state-of-the-art warehouse equipment helps you store, pick & pack and deliver goods to the HKTVmall transit warehouse, allowing you to skip these tedious processes and focus on growing your business.
Challenge#3 for HKTVmall's Merchants
Difficult Inventory Tracking / Management
When your store offers various different types of products, sales volumes are hard to estimate, making subsequent inventory records prone to error.
Cloud-Based Inventory Management System
With Boxful's cloud-based inventory management system, your inventory records and statuses are automatically synced and uploaded in real time. Monitor your business become easier to manage as you analyze sales volumes to anticipate future market needs.

Streamline Your Online Business Operation

E-Business Growth
I want to expand my online store business and need warehousing logistics support. Where should I start?
Make an appointment now with Boxful E-commerce consultant for a free, custom consultation! Let us better understand your specific business needs and explain how Boxful's logistics process can help you. Our consultants will conduct regular followups on inventory flows, analyze your business conditions and provide bespoke solutions to grow as a merchant, keeping in mind your unique business needs, turnover rates and existing operating methods.
Will it be more difficult for me to keep track of my product details if they are stored in Boxful's warehouses?
Not at all! In fact, your inventory records will become even clearer and easier to manage. Boxful's own inventory management platform allows you to check inventory levels and manage order statuses in real time. This makes distributing your goods to any sales channels such as HKTVmall, chain retailers or other e-commerce platforms all the more efficient.
Is keeping my goods with Boxful safe and reliable for my business?
Rest assured, your goods are safe with us. Your merchandise will be carefully managed by our own moving team and equipped in a self-owned, secured warehouse properly equipped with 24hrs constant temperature and humidity controls, automatic fire protection systems, 24hrs video surveillance, entry restrictions and an international ADT Security Alarm System.
Cost Controls
Is there a way to increase the net profit of my online store while reducing operating costs for inventory and logistics?
Of course! Boxful Fulfillment combines all of your logistical needs all in one service, including picking, warehousing, sorting, listing, quality and quantity control, repackaging and relabelling, and delivery to HKTVmall warehouses. These value-added services increase the overall efficiency of your store, boosting profit!
Can Boxful help me reduce HKTVmall order penalties caused by delays or errors in transit logistics?
Yes! Our in-house logistics teams conduct services every single day to reduce the risk of order delays. When you receive an order on the HKTVmall platform, we will immediately initiate our delivery to the HKTVmall transit warehouses, or ship it directly to the customer's address. We are always committed to the utmost order accuracy and speed via our same-day & 7 days shipping service.
Will my products be stored in different quantities, incurring unnecessary fees?
Don't worry! Our flexible storage fees are calculated by item, box and pallet, unlike traditional storage plans. We only charge you based on the cubic meter (CBM) you actually use, helping you cut down on extraneous costs. Feel free to increase storage space at any time to accomodate market needs and sales strategies.
Professional Warehousing
My customers often request a variety of products at once. Will it cause longer waiting times to assemble each item individually?
Boxful's cloud-based inventory management system allows you to easily merge different items into a single unit, and freely combine them into gift bundles or promotion packages according to your needs. Boxful team will combine and package the shipments according to your requirements, improving customer satisfaction.
Will my goods stored in Boxful's warehouse exceed their expiration dates?
Don't worry, they won't! We provide stocking, professional packaging and shipping services utilising a first-in, first-out strategy. We base our stock planning on relevant expiry dates, shelf lives or other relevant merchant requirements to avoid defective products and unnecessary losses.
The returns process is overly complicated. Is there any way to simplify it?
Of course! Our cloud-based inventory system easily takes care of your returns issues. We are happy to serve as the designated return location for your goods and handle this process on your behalf. We take on returns processing, quality inspection and management, defective item monitoring, and reimbursement procedures for your ultimate convenience.
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