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[The Basic Steps of Warehousing Logistics] Boxful Fulfillment Puts SMEs on the Road to Success


Nowadays, when most people hear the term “logistics”, things like online shopping and express delivery probably come to mind. In reality, however, logistics is an essential concept that large companies, SMEs and online shops alike must understand and master thoroughly – so much so that it can be considered one of the make-or-break factors for a successful business. Let’s have Boxful explain the basic steps of warehousing logistics to you, as well as how Boxful Fulfillment can help SMEs in this area.

Benefits of Warehouse Logistics

A thorough and efficiently managed inventory system is an indispensable part of any modern day enterprise. When warehouse management and logistics operations are streamlined and standardized, company logistics and transportation can be improved in terms of both quality and efficiency, while manpower and transportation costs can be reduced. Here are some more advantages that warehouse logistics offers:

    1. Improve Efficiency and Flexibility of Product Delivery
      Through refining warehouse logistics, time spent waiting for incoming shipments can be effectively reduced. This improvement in delivery accuracy can also help to avoid unnecessary or erroneous delays with product shipments. This way, enterprises can maintain market flexibility and as a result be more responsive to market changes.

    2. Establishment of a Warehouse Database
      Warehouse logistics allows for the accumulation of large amounts of inventory data related to delivery, scheduling and more. This information can be compiled together to serve as a warehouse database that can greatly improve administrative efficiency. For example, management of cargo between workers can be presented more clearly, and those responsible for handling mishaps can be easily identified. The database can also be self-monitored and analyzed for future logistical optimization.

    3. Own a Complete SOP
      An SOP is a “Standard Operation Procedure”. When an enterprise has a fully established set of warehouse logistics SOPs, this makes it easier to optimize manpower, equipment and employee training.


    4. Strategize and Improve Management of Warehouse Space
      Physical manpower and time to physically conduct inventory will no longer be needed. This ensures that the remaining warehouse space can be fully utilised, allowing the enterprise to be more flexible as a whole.

“Boxful Fulfillment” Helps SMEs Refine Warehouse Logistics

A significant area of concern for SMEs when it comes to warehousing is the fluctuating nature of monthly inbound and outbound shipments. Renting larger warehouses is more expensive and may result in wasted space, while smaller warehouses may not have enough room for stock during peak or promotional seasons.

Boxful Fulfillment steps in to provide SMEs with the most suitable warehousing logistics services possible. Storage prices are always flexible and based only on actual usage, which means automatic savings on fixed costs. Cloud inventory management also enables you to manage every item and delivery tracking anywhere, anytime. This allows you to plan the most appropriate inventory for your company. 

Boxful’s unique, integrated system also allows customers to place orders directly. Once you give confirmation, Boxful will immediately complete deliveries for you from company to store, or from supplier to customer. Your logistics will be made easier than ever before.

If you’d like to know more about Boxful Fulfillment and how we can help tailor-make a program to boost your company’s warehouse logistics, improving both efficiency and profit, be sure to contact our Boxful logistics consultant!


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