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What would you like to store?
12 ft2 (Net)
24 ft2 (Net)
36 ft2 (Net)
48 ft2 (Net)
$2649 $2384/mo
Monthly Cost Estimate
Your final plan will be determined after your items are stored.
The above estimate excludes the promo code.
Do you need Packing Materials?
Packing Materials
Cardboard Box
(min. 10 pcs)
Document Box
Wardrobe Box
Bubble Wrap
Your plan includes:
FREE Marker x 0
FREE Packing Tape x 0
Purchase extras:
Cardboard Box, $25/pc
Document Box, $15/pc
Wardrobe Box. $150/pc
Bubble Wrap, $60/roll
Packing Materials Fee
This fee is due at Checkout.
Drop-off packing materials delivery and photo-taking service are free.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I store? Can I store furniture?

You can store pretty much anything as long as it’s not illegal, dangerous or perishable. Please refer to our terms and conditions.

Yes, we are able to store your furniture or bulky items (except piano) provided it fits into our vans and storage units. Please give us a call at 3565 6850 for further details.

What is the policy if one or more of my items is damaged or lost?
The safety and security of your items is our top priority. Our delivery team ensures that everything is photographed and packed properly before loading onto our truck. We also provide customers with an insurance policy that will cover loss or damage of your items of up to HK$10,000 for each storage plan.
How is Boxful By-the-Square Feet different from other mini self-storage?
We provide door-to-door pick-up and delivery service, so you will never have to visit a storage facility again. We take care of all the heavy-lifting, so you don’t have to go through the frustration of moving your own stuff and digging through boxes to find what you need.
Are there any other service fees?

Yes, please refer to our fees for more details.

What is the minimum storage period?
Our minimum storage period is 4 months (excluding promotions).
6 ft2 (net)
3 ft (L) X 2 ft (W)
Mover: 1
$ $ /month
$ per month
12 ft2 (net)
3 ft (L) X 4 ft (W)
Movers: 2-3
$699 $629 /month
$699 per month
24 ft2 (net)
6 ft (L) X 4 ft (W)
Movers: 2-3
$1349 $1214 /month
$1349 per month
36 ft2 (net)
9 ft (L) X 4 ft (W)
Movers: 3-4
$1999 $1799 /month
$1999 per month
48 ft2 (net)
12 ft (L) X 4 ft (W)
Movers: 3-4
$2649 $2384 /month
$2649 per month
4-month minimum storage period
Free drop-off packing materials delivery
Door-to-door delivery & moving
48-hour delivery response time
Free insurance of HK$10,000 per plan
Packing materials available to purchase
Self-Storage Lockers
  • Minimum Storage Period 1-Month Only
  • No Contract, No Deposit
  • Best Price Gauranteed
  • In Person Access
24 hr CCTV
Security & Alarms
Climate controlled
No Deposit & Fixed
Contract Required
24 hr Smart
Card Access
Automatic Fire
Protection System
Move-in Service
Our Services
Store Locations
Storage Unit
Physical access to your own belongings
Door-to-door pickup & delivery, for smaller-sized handy items
Great for storing furniture and all-sized items