【Shopping Guide 2019】Buying the Perfect Dehumidifier

In Hong Kong, keeping your household humidity-free is a round-the-year task! If you want to keep your household in comfortable conditions, a good dehumidifier is indispensable – so much so, that many even rely on a dehumidifier to dry their laundry!

Browsing through the various models can be time-consuming, but Boxful is here to guide you on your dehumidifier journey.

A Step-by-Step Shopping Guide

1) Choose Your Type

Household dehumidifiers are generally divided into three types: compressor, desiccant / zeolite and hybrid models.

Compressor dehumidifiers are the most common: they dehumidify large areas, consume less overall power and offer more choices – but their performance can be easily affected by varying temperatures.

Desiccant / Zeolite dehumidifiers have stable dehumidification performance, but consume more energy and are thus more expensive.

2) Consider Size and Environment

If you have a large home, choose a model with a higher capacity. For example, a general 300 to 400-square foot home would need dehumidification of at least 15 litres, alongside storage capacity of at least 3 litres.

If you live near open waters or in a particularly humid area, you’ll need a high-capacity model with faster performance.

3) Compare Energy Labels

Be sure to look at energy labels when choosing dehumidifiers.

For example, if energy efficiency is rated Level 1 (green), it’s considered the most efficient. If it’s Level 5 (red), it’s the lowest level and thus the least efficient.

Level 1 can save up to 42% more energy than Level 5, lowering your electricity bill in the long-term.

4) Compare Function and Design

In addition to energy efficiency, your dehumidifier’s function and design are equally important.

Dehumidifiers with automatic control functions can turn on and off according to changes in weather, allowing you to maintain ideal humidity levels while saving money.

If you plan to dehumidify continuously, choose a model with a larger water reservoir, so the tank won’t need emptying too often. And if you’d like one dehumidifier for your entire household, choose a portable model with castors or a handle to better move it around.

5) Try Before You Buy

Some dehumidifier models tend to generate a lot of noise when operating. If possible, request to try it out when at the store, and pay attention to sound levels.

Make sure the machine is working properly with all its necessary accessories before purchasing too.

Dehumidifier Model Recommendations

Budget-friendly Models

1)Delonghi DNC65

Retail price: $1,788

  • Dehumidifier Type: Desiccant / zeolite
  • Dehumidifying Capacity (Manufacturer’s Standard): 6.5 L/day
  • Water Tank Capacity(L): 2L
  • Adjustable Humidity 40%-70%
  • Antibacterial Enzyme Filter
  • Ultra Quiet System:34dB


2)Karuizawa KDH1816

Retail price: $1,988

  • Dehumidifier Type: Compressor
  • Dehumidifying Capacity (Manufacturer’s Standard): 18 L/day
  • Water Tank Capacity(L): 3L
  • Energy Efficiency Grading: 2
  • Dehumidifying Capacity (Energy Efficiency Label’s Standard): 9.5L/day


Mid-price Models

1)Rasonic RPD YL20

Retail price: $2,980

  • Dehumidifier Type: Compressor
  • Dehumidifying Capacity (Manufacturer’s Standard): 20 L/day
  • Water Tank Capacity(L): 4L
  • Energy Efficiency Grading: 1
  • Dehumidifying Capacity (Energy Efficiency Label’s Standard): 12L/day
  • Ionized Air Cleaning System


2)German Pool DHM717

Retail price: $2,950

  • Dehumidifier Type: Compressor
  • Dehumidifying Capacity (Manufacturer’s Standard): 30 L/day
  • Water Tank Capacity(L): 3.5L
  • Energy Efficiency Grading: 1
  • Dehumidifying Capacity (Energy Efficiency Label’s Standard): 17L/day
  • Antibacterial Purifying Filter
  • 24-hour Laundry Drying


Higher Volume Models

1)Fortress FDH3816

Retail price: $3,888

  • Dehumidifier Type: Compressor
  • Dehumidifying Capacity (Manufacturer’s Standard): 38 L/day
  • Water Tank Capacity(L): 6L
  • Energy Efficiency Grading: 1
  • Dehumidifying Capacity (Energy Efficiency Label’s Standard): 25L/day


2)Delonghi DD50P

Retail price: $4,988

  • Dehumidifier Type: Compressor
  • Dehumidifying Capacity (Manufacturer’s Standard): 50 L/day
  • Water Tank Capacity(L): 7L
  • Energy Efficiency Grading: 3
  • Dehumidifying Capacity (Energy Efficiency Label’s Standard): 30.5L/day
  • Visible water level
  • Triple condense elimination system


With Hong Kong’s humid weather, the more items you keep at home, the easier it is for mould to grow, thus affecting hygiene and health. In addition to using a dehumidifier, it’s important to reduce the amount of clutter at home.

For infrequently used items that you’d like to keep, storage is the ideal solution. Boxful can help store them in separate boxes and increase your liveable space. Contact Boxful now and enquire about our storage services.

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