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Boxful One-stop
E-commerce Fulfillment
Countless Benefits For Your Online Store
Our dedicated account strategist follows up your inbound process making sure your goods are succesfully inbounded; We only charge based on the actual cubic meter(CBM) you used.
Value-Added Services
Make sure your customers receive the best products with customised packaging, outbound handling and more value-added services.
Local & Cross-border Fulfillment
Merchants from e-commerce or online shopping platforms, and crowdfunding creators can pick Boxful self-owned logistics team or our last-mile logistics partners to deliver goods to local or overseas customers' doorfronts.
Streamless API Integration
API integrated with e-commerce platforms such as Shopify automates order synchronization; Delivered by Boxful self-owned logistic fleet or API integrated last-mile logistic partners such as SF Express or DHL of your choice.
All-In-One Dashboard
Manage your inventory, outbound deliveries, returns and monitor the best sellings and costs. Keep an eye on your business.
Inventory & Logistics Tracking
Get the real-time cross-channels inventory and latest local & global shipment status automatically in one place instead of checking manually.
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