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Ecommerce Order Fulfillment Automation
Grow and Scale Your Business with Boxful Fulfillment

Omnichannel Order Fulfillment
Flexible Storage To Accommodate Peak Season Demand
Local & International Logistics Integrations
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Optimize Your Ecommerce
Order Fulfillment
& Shipping Process

Stage 1
Customization tailored to your business needs
Our fulfillment specialists provide the consultation service to understand your needs, guide you step by step from inbound to delivery, OMS system and online store onboarding
Stage 2
Inbound Order Process
Our professional fulfillment team will inbound & check your goods, value-added service, inspect quantity & quality and arrange storage space to store your inventory according to your requests
Stage 3
Quick and Easy Onboarding
Our technical team always ready to support your integrations, simplify your ecommerce order operations and daily workflow
Stage 4
Ecommerce Fulfillment Automation
All-in-one dashboard to manage your orders real-time status, monitor your multi-sales channels & inventory and get the latest local & worldwide shipment status automatically in one place instead of checking manually
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