New Customer Offer
Up to 10 Standard Boxes
min. 3 months storage
(excluding free month)
6, 12 or 24 ft2 Plans
min. 3 months storage
(excluding free month)
Terms & Conditions for using promo code
  • Offer limited to new customers only and maximum one-time use per address
  • Offer applies to first month of storage fees only and is valid until 31 December 2018
  • Standard retail price will be charged after free period expires
  • Customers cannot downgrade their sq. ft. plans or use fewer standard boxes throughout the 3-months minimum storage
  • Logistics fees and other surcharges are not covered by this offer
  • Other discounts cannot be used in conjunction with this offer
  • By-The-Item offer applies to a maximum of 10 standard boxes
  • By-The-Item offer excludes wardrobe boxes, document boxes or oversized items
  • By-The-Square-Feet offer applies to 6, 12 and 24 sq. ft. plans
  • For upgrade to a larger sq. ft. plan, the difference in standard retail price between the plans applies
  • Boxful reserves the right to make the final decision
  • All terms and conditions apply
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Your Monthly Bill is $98 (Minimum Spend Applies)
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Frequently Asked Questions
Do you offer insurance protection for my items?
Absolutely. Each box comes with free insurance up to the value of HK$1,000 from the moment it's handed over to our moving team, while in transit, and once it's in our warehouse. We do not, however, insure fragile items - glass, China, TVs, etc. If you are storing fragile items, please make sure they are wrapped properly and carefully packed to ensure safety during transport.
Are there any other service fees?

Retrieval fee: HK$29 + $15/box*

*Customers who registered on or before 10, January 2016 are not subject to the new retrieval ($29 + $15/box) policy and will continue to enjoy one free retrieval delivery per billing month (HK$88 per subsequent delivery in the same month) until earlier of contract termination or 31 December, 2018.

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What can and can't I store?

You can store anything from clothes to books to DVDs, camping gear, and other seasonal items - as long as it fits in the box and doesn't exceed the weight limit of 23kg per box (the weight limit of bulky items is 25kg / the weight limit of document box or wardrobe box is 15kg). We ask that you use common sense when packing, so no perishables, glass or fragile items (or pack at your own risk), explosives and flammables, hazardous materials or illegal substances of any kind.

Please refrain from storing anything that is alive (or was recently alive), items that might raise suspicious behavior and things that might smell over time. In a nutshell, anything that is legal, non- hazardous, and non-perishable is perfectly fine!

How much advanced notice do you need for delivery?
For all deliveries, the earliest you can book for is the next business day assuming the chosen time block is vacant and the booking is completed before the cutoff at 6pm the previous day.
Can I have my boxes returned to a different address?
Certainly! However, we charge a relocation fee (please refer to our terms and conditions) for customers to update the current address.
What is the minimum storage period?
Our minimum storage period is 3 months (excluding promotions).
Your monthly bill is $98 (minimum spend applies).
Please confirm to proceed.